Check out these awesome trails in Colorado. These trails are perfect for adventure lovers.(and mud lovers too) So when you visit to Colorado to do some ATV adventure, try these amazing sites:

Taylor Park

Taylor Park is one of the places in Colorado for Dirt Bikes, UTVs, and ATVs. Spend the whole week in following the awesome trails it offers. Plenty of riders often visit this place for its magnificent trails.

Keystone Area

The Keystone area is a great riding area with many miles of trails. There are also sections of this area which are qualified to do some ATV adventure. One of trails in the area is Red Cone / Webster Pass. Also try the Radical Hill, a trail that is actually connected to the Red Cone Trail.

Northern Crested Butte Area

This area is good place for those who like the adventure easy and slow. There also extreme trails available for the Professionals. For beginners, there are two trails that you can choose: Slate Road and Gothic Road. While the tough trails are: Gunsight Pass, Schofield Pass, and the Crystal River.

Eastern Crested Butte Area

The Eastern Crested Butte area is home to challenging trails. There are three main trails that can be connected to make a large loop. The following trails are Pearl Pass, Taylor Pass and Italian Creek Road. The trails in this area provide spectacular scenery but on a much tougher trail.

St. Mary’s Glacier

The area is home to challenging trails. Offering a lots of miles that circles around its awesome and unique glacier. There are two areas that you can venture, St. Mary is mentioned earlier, and the second one is the Empire Area, though it doesn’t have much compared to St. Mary, its still a fun place to ride.

Alpine Loop

The Alpine loop is perhaps the best know trail system in Colorado. It will welcome you with beautiful and challenging trails. Try their main trails, the Cinnamon Pass, and Engineer Pass. Besides the main trails there are many side trails in the area also including California Gulch and others.  You could spend the whole day in this fantastic area.

Texas Creek

Texas Creek is a area located along the Arkansas River in Central Colorado. It is located along the high mountain desert so be prepared for higher temperatures in the summer than most places in Colorado. The area has an elevation of about 9,000 ft, so a proper jetting is required.