Alabama Trails

Take a visit to some of Alabama’s ATV sites.

Mudders Off road park

The park goes off with their motto “don’t bring it if you can’t sling it”. If you are a mud lover, this is the place for you. The park will welcome you with hundreds of mud and waters holes, which the adrenaline junkies and mud likers would love. By the way, they’re pretty serious with their motto. So, if you don’t like adventures and playing in the mud, look for someplace else.

Flint Creek Multiuse Trail

For those who are still a beginner for ATVs and doesn’t want too much action, Flint Creek is the place to visit. (You can consider as a training ground). The trail is considered an easy place suitable for all skill levels.  It has a smooth sandy trail surface which is fit for beginners and offers good traction for advanced riders.

Kentuck ATV/ Dirt Bike trails

Venture through the mountains of the Talladega National Forest. It offers exciting trails for ATVs and Dirt Bikes. The trails are all suitable for any skill levels and is quite easy, but first timers might find the place challenging.

Beason’s ATV park

Beason’s ATV is the best there is in the Little River Canyon. Since, there are ATV bans being implemented it is quite hard to look for a spot.

Manooka OHV Park

An open park that suits everyone, even for the ATVs, with excellent trail sites that you will surely enjoy.

Bull Pen ATV Park

A mud paradise, this is a perfect place for those who likes a lot of mud. It comes with magnificent trails that will challenge your skill.

Southern Ridge ATV Park

Southern ridge’s muddy and extreme trails will definitely give you a fantastic weekend. It is a park that is exclusive for ATVs. Good thing about this park is that it is only for ATVs, unlike other parks. You can have your ATV adventure without any trouble at all.

The Ridge

The Ridge is a private park that opens only on weekends. It offers 30 miles of challenging terrains. Ride around the park for the whole weekend since it offers a cabin for accommodation or if you have the camping gear, a camping site if you wish to camp in a tent.