Clarens Xtreme, South Africa

This trail is situated along the Golden Gate highlands National Park, Free State. Its quad-bike trails will lead you over to the towns of Clarens and the Mountains of Malutti. It features a  2 hour quad bike tour starting from the town to the outskirts and up to the mountains surrounding the town of Clarence. The standard time is 2 hours, but you can choose if you want it half-hour or a on hour drive. During the ride on the mountains, you will be able to see the breath taking view of the town. Also the Golden Gate and the Magnificent mount Malutti. There will be stopovers to have a drink and while resting, there is little lecture done by the tour guides regarding the historical background of the region, including the town. There are also different obstacles that are prepared along the way to provide a  challenging trail back to the base. It is fun indeed, but if you and your friends are planning to go on a little race. Sadly, racing is not allowed, however, with or without racing the trail is still fun.

Kagga Kamma

Kagga kamma is a game reserve situated in the region of Swartruggens. It caters different accommodations, but one to take notice is their quad-bike trails. A 1 to 2hour trail depending on how you like it on the challenging terrains of the region. Since, it is also a nature reserve you will come across animals like Zebras, Elephants and the like. If you are a fan of sightseeing, there are breath taking views that can be seen over the Klein Kagoo region. There also camp sites if you wish to camp there. A visit to kagga kamma will surely be amazing and worth it for the adventure lovers.