Going on off road trails are the most sought activities because of the excitement and the adrenaline rush it gives. You have an option to use a 4×4 truck or quad bikes. Depending on your liking, it’s fun either way.  Off road trails can be found anywhere, and wherever you live. But if you are one tough guy, you can always find the best sites for Off-road, perfect for both ATV’s and Trucks. Some sites are mostly located in the North America; there are also sites around Canada. However, there are some places that would really require a 4×4 truck.

Rubicon Trail

Located in Northern California, it is one of the famous Off-road sites in North America for its challenging roads and huge rocks. Rubicon trail is often visited by enthusiasts, and there are several Off-road activities are made. Rubicon Trail is a poorly maintained section El Dorado County, which makes it more attractive to Off-road Enthusiasts. The road is tough so you must acquire some formidable 4×4 trucks for you to tackle this trail. Because of the harsh road conditions, it is not advisable to tackle the trail alone.  Make sure to go with a professional partner that will help you navigate your way.


Moab is another famous Off-road site located in South Eastern Utah. Its conic terrain will surely give you an awesome Off-road adventure. Because of its terrific terrains, Moab is not just visited for Off-road. Mountain climbers, and hikers also come to Moab. There are parts in Moab that is exclusive for 4×4 trucks that certainly gives challenge.

Whipsaw Trail

This is one of the most visited trails in Canada. Aside from its tough and challenging trail, whipsaw will welcome you with beautiful scenery. It is also a good place to camp. The trail is located in western Canada, British Columbia with a total distance of 50 miles.